Geese at Goose Spit

Brant Geese have arrived in the Comox Valley, at one of their favourite locations – Goose Spit in Comox. The geese are among the many species feeding on the herring eggs – a valuable source of protein for the birds. The Valley is an important stage in their life cycle before they continue  north to the Arctic.

Goose Spit Beach & Glacier

With a spectacular blue sky the Spit is worth visiting just for the views of the Comox Glacier.

Brant Geese among Ducks & Gulls

The geese are just starting to arrive, so for now may be difficult to sort out from among the array of other birds without a good scope or binoculars. Brant may seem reminiscent of small Canada Geese, but have distinctive white collars. Other birds here are American Wigeon with whitish caps; Mallards with orange feet; and Mew Gulls with yellow legs.

Goose Footprints

The geese numbers will continue to increase over the next few weeks. In the meantime, other  signs can be found: these prints indicate where birds were feeding higher up on the beach before the tide dropped.

Beach Feather

Stray feathers are also an opportunity for further close-up study. Here the light casts the shadow of the feather back on itself in an intricate pattern.

Remember to give the Brant Geese some space: dogs are required to be leashed until May 20 from Goose Spit Park westward. (can run leash-free eastward below the bluffs) There is a fine for non-compliance.


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